The history of BKP Berolina

1959: How it all started

From the Plastverarbeitungswerk Staaken to PLAWESTA Kunsstoff GmbH

The company, renamed PLAWESTA Kunsstoff GmbH after Germany’s reunification, had more than 1000 employees in 1989.
1991: BEROLINA Group

From PLAWESTA Kunsstoff GmbH to the BEROLINA Group

In 1991, PLAWESTA Kunststoff GmbH was taken over by the BEROLINA Group.

Development of the Berolina-Liner System® and the GRP pipe coating

Development of the Berolina Liner System® began in 1995, the first line was delivered two years later. In 1996, BKP Berolina launched a new product on the market with the GRP pipe coating.
1998: BKP Berolina GmbH & Co. KG
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